Acts of Worship
 Act of Worship Criteria
Act of Worship Criteria

On a practical level those wishing to offer collective worship for this project should ensure that as far a possible they have ensured it to be:


§           Religious - broadly Christian and non denominational

§           An Act of Worship (which is more than an assembly)

§           Original (aware of copyright issues)

§           Coherent i.e. show links between the introduction, development and conclusion.


An acceptable collective worship should do some or all of the following:


§          Have a clear message/focus

§          Stimulate pupils to think/meditate/reflect/to see everyday things in a new way

§          Introduce pupils to things otherwise beyond their experience

§          Inform the emotions and five senses as well as the mind

§          Contain some sort of prayer (more than words)/meditation/space for silence

§          Provide a strong Welsh dimension

§          Be suitable for use in both Welsh and English (e.g. offer poetry/readings/hymns in both languages).


An acceptable collective worship should ideally contain the following elements:


§          Music and sometimes silence to create atmosphere

§          Audio/visual focus/stimulus (OHP, video or computer)

§          A script for teachers/ pupils to read

§          Ideas on how the worship can be personalized by the school

§          Opportunities for pupils to share their enthusiasms, talents and beliefs.


If stories are to be used:


§          the message behind the story needs to be clear (i.e. one shouldn’t use a Bible story for the sake of it)

§          they shouldn’t conflict with broad Christian principles (e.g. if secular or stories from world religions are used).


An acceptable act of collective worship should not merely be:


§          A reinforcement of moral teaching in school (hymn, prayer and telling off)

§          An RE lesson or religious sermon.





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