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Forgetting Jesus


The story of a concert in London to celebrate the life of a former theatre star. Everyone had forgotten her. In the same way we celebrate Christmas to honour Jesus Christ but many forget him in the noise and excitement.



Teachers’ Notes


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The Main Text


(Picture 1)


Some years ago a grand concert was held in a London theatre. A number of television and film stars were taking part in the show - world famous actors, actresses, singers, groups and dancers. The purpose of the concert was to comfort and help an old actress who was once a famous and popular star.


She wasn’t as famous as she used to be all those years ago. Most people had forgotten about her and she only had a few faithful friends left, those who had organised the concert in her honour.


(Picture 2)


On the day of the concert a rehearsal was planned for all the artists. Dozens of people were there and the place was full of hustle and bustle.


The actress’s friends had invited her to London for the day and mainly out of thanks to them, she had agreed to return to the old theatre where she was once so famous. There was no special time arranged for her to arrive, she was free to do as she pleased.


(Picture 3)


Without telling anybody, she decided to go to the afternoon rehearsal. She reached the theatre and stepped into the hustle and bustle. No one took any notice of her and nobody looked twice at her. Some people even rudely jostled her. Finally, somebody asked her who she was and if she was supposed to be there at all.


The concert’s purpose was to honour her, but nobody there recognised her when she arrived. The former star didn’t mean anything to most of the artists there. She should have been the centre of attention and most people didn’t even remember her name. She was a forgotten star.


The only reason the artists were there was to enjoy themselves and get publicity for themselves.


(Picture 4)


Christmas is coming once again. The purpose of Christmas, as we know, is to honour Jesus Christ who was born in a manger in Bethlehem. But in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, I wonder how many of us forget about Jesus?


(Picture 5)


When the three Wise Men came from the east it was said: ‘When they saw the star, they were overjoyed.’ (Mathew 2:10)


I wonder how many people this Christmas will still be celebrating but forgetting the star?


(Picture 6)


That’s not how it should be. Our job at Christmas is to remember the birth of Jesus and realise we should all try to be more like him from day to day.




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