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Collective Worship is legally required to take place every school day and ‘shall be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character’ (1988 Education Act).


It is generally accepted that Collective Worship should provide pupils with space for reflection and/or should be evocative and challenging.


Words can be very powerful, but they do not always have the desired effect and impact in a world of fast action multimedia presentations. It is for this reason that this website has been developed.


Through words, still and moving images, sound, active participation from pupils and well chosen moments of silence and contemplation this website makes a unique contribution to   pupils’ spiritual and moral development and more generally to a positive school ethos.


The website provides ready made Acts of Collective Worship which are supported by multi media presentations. Busy teachers can download text and images which they can amend and customise if they so wish.


Each Act of Collective Worship has been developed by a practising teacher, and tested in a school context. This makes each one unique, and many have a distinctive Curriculum Cymreig element (Welsh Dimension).


We have begun the process with 50 Acts of Collective Worship and hope to add more to the site regularly. 


If you have an Act of Collective Worship which you would like to see come to life, please submit your ideas. A fee is payable for every Act of Collective Worship that is deemed suitable by Tinopolis. The fee is currently £35, and is subject to review. Tinopolis will then translate your Act of Collective Worship from/to Welsh/English, and develop multimedia resources (PowerPoint or video) to accompany your text.


Most Recent Acts of Worship
Here you'll find the most recent acts added to this site:
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Act NameSchool TypeView
William BoothSecondaryView Act
MichelangeloSecondaryView Act
DoorsSecondaryView Act
TimeSecondaryView Act
Forgetting JesusSecondaryView Act
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